Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend

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Baseball has been the central theme for the Elliott family for three generations. In the pursuit of their passion for the game they experience thrilling moments, great obstacles, triumphs and failures and great memories and lessons for life that can be applied to any endeavor. The great game served as an outlet from frustration, a celebration of family, and a guiding force in their lives .

Any baseball or softball player from Little league to the professional ranks will relate to the stories and memories of striving to make it to the next level. the book also offers unique insight to the inter workings of collegiate and minor league baseball. In a game of skill, fundamentals, injuries, good breaks, politics and the business of baseball can all factor into a players success. its often says that baseball the only game that a player can fail 70% of the time and make it to the Hall of Fame. The game can be humbling to the greatest player. Most careers dont end on a good note, but start talking to a player that had success at any level and you will see them light up when the memories come flowing back.

"Diamonds" also gives the reader insight into a unique family. A father that had success in sales, lost it all and then went on to have a successful career as a comedian. A son that used the relationships he forged on the diamond to build a successful insurance empire, and a grandson went on to be the first in the family to play professional baseball.The rollercoaster of their lives is intertwined with the game every step of the way.

Like the game itself, the story is still playing out. Wherever your pursuit has taken you, this book will evoke great memories and stir your emotions.